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Dr. Jory is a Downtown Toronto Chiropractor, Sports Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and Professor of Anatomy/Biology with over 15 yrs of healthcare experience.

He has helped thousands in downtown Toronto towards better health and serves as a TV health/fitness expert. He also writes health/fitness articles on the GoodLife Fitness Blog and produces informative health/fitness videos on YouTube. Still not sure? Check out his Google Reviews.

Integrated Health Care

All facets of health and fitness are addressed including pain relief, improving flexibility, nutrition, and posture, building muscle, burning fat, increasing energy levels, patient education and obtaining fitness goals.

Our integrated method of treatment will help you get your health on!


Lets face it - you are busy! We are conveniently located in downtown Toronto inside Goodlife Fitness 137 Yonge making it ideal for TTC, downtown Toronto condo dwellers, and financial district employees.

You don't have to be a member of GoodLife Fitness to see us and with convenient online booking - you can schedule your appointment now!

Forward Thinking

Get into the sun more often especially if you live in or around Toronto. Haven't you been told to slather on sunscreen and stay in the shade? WRONG! We need more sun exposure for health benefits like Vitamin D synthesis. The key factor is to limit your exposure so you don't get burnt.

Eat more fat. What? Haven't you been told fat is bad? WRONG!

From the blog

Dr. Jory blogs about health and fitness. His posts are also featured on the GoodLife Fitness Blog.

Vitamin D – Vitamin Deficient?

60-70% of Canadian’s are Vitamin D Deficient! As we enter into the coldest and darkest months of the year the temperature and amount of sunshine aren’t the only things that drop. Vitamin D levels in the blood drop as well leaving many Canadians deficient and in most cases very deficient. Why? Midday sunshine exposure on… read more →


Dr. Jory has helped me through many injuries and conditions over the past decade in addition to providing rehab and strength training. I highly recommend Dr. Jory.

Craig - CEO - Kira Talent

After experiencing pain at the gym I found Dr. Jory. He quickly diagnosed my issue and after a few treatments I felt great! Now I see him for regular maintenance treatments. He actually listens to your concerns and genuinely cares about your health.

Kiran - Flight Attendant

Dr. Jory not only helps me with my injuries but also keeps my clients healthy so I can train them harder. He is the 'go to' at our gym for any health/fitness concerns.

Chris - Personal Trainer - GoodLife Fitness