Our Amazing Team

We have you all your health and fitness needs covered!

  • chiropractic
  • sports therapy
  • registered massage therapy
  • fascial stretch therapy
  • naturopathic & botanical medicine
  • cupping
  • acupuncture
  • soft tissue and muscle therapy
  • ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation,  and interferential current
  • custom foot orthotics
  • food allergy testing
  • nutritional consultations

All of the above services may be covered under your employee health benefits. Check your plan for confirmation.

Dr. Jory Basso has served the health & fitness industry for over 20yrs as a Sports Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and Chiropractor. He is also a Professor of Biology at George Brown College and founder of Hybrid Health & Fitness. He holds a BSc(Hon) in Human Kinetics, a Diploma in Sports Injury Management, a Doctorate in Chiropractic and is currently pursuing a Masters of Education.

Dr. Jory’s goal is to return you to the activities you enjoy as fast as the healing process allows. Check out his YouTube channel: HybridDrJ and to learn even more check out his biography pageConveniently book your appointment online with Dr. Jory



Dawn Marie has treated clients with Registered Massage Therapy since 2004. Her treatments encompass relaxation/stress reduction, releasing muscle tightness, fascial scar tissue, trigger point therapy (“releasing those knots”), piriformis & patellar femoral pain syndrome (runner’s knee), pregnancy massage, and various other conditions.
Her techniques include: Swedish, myofascial release, acupressure.

Dawn Marie’s RMT tailors each treatment to include: goals, assessment, treatment planning in order to treat the cause of the client’s challenges; with respect to physical and emotional well being.
Dawn Marie appreciates the importance of balancing family, work, social life, selfcare; massage therapy, stretching, strength training, and education.

She has continued studying Fascial Stretch Therapy, Animal Flow, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Conveniently book your appointment online with Dawn Marie


Dr. Salma Hassouna, N.D. is a graduate from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She completed a bachelor’s degree in biology with honors from Queen’s University and is a member of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors as well as the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors. She believes in empowering patients through thorough education so that they may play an integral role in their own health and wellness. She practices an integrative approach to naturopathic medicine by working alongside medical doctors for truly holistic patient care. Dr. Salma has a special interest in sports medicine, insomnia, women’s health, fertility, weight management, anxiety & depression, hormone imbalance, detoxification, hypothyroidism, chronic migraines, digestive health and general wellness. She uses such modalities as acupuncture, cupping, IV therapy, botanical medicine, nutrition, lifestyle management and hydrotherapy. She does direct insurance billing so you don’t have to! Her website is medivis.ca Conveniently book your appointment online with Dr. Salma



Jacob Burn is a Registered Massage Therapist that looks to work with you to improve your quality of life. Early in his career, he established success through the development of personalized treatment plans. These individualized programs allowed him and his clients to achieve results by pairing manual therapy with functional movement re-patterning. Jacob is motivated to help progress you toward your health and fitness goals. He looks forward to working with you to improve performance, prevent and recover from injury, reduce stress, and/or maintain your current healthy state.

Sutherland-Chan School & McMaster University (B.Sc)

General Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Acupuncture

Check out Jacob’s website.