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Stop Hating on Sunshine! Health Rant #4

Hybrid Health Rants

Sunshine is Sweet!

Sunshine gives you more than just Vitamin D.

People – can we stop hating on the sunshine already?! I’m sooo sick of people being scared of the sun. Yes – it is possible to get skin cancer from over exposure. The bottom line is don’t get burnt! It is estimated that more people die ever year because of lack of sunshine than those who die from overexposure. Check out my hybrid health rant on sunshine…


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Uploaded time: August 5, 2016 5:40 PM

Title: Stop Hating on Sunshine! Health Rant #4

Duration: 4:39

Description: What you have been told about sunshine is WRONG. Here is what you NEED to KNOW! Don’t slather your child in sunscreen. Dr. Jory, from Toronto, rants about the importance of sunshine. He is SICK of everyone hating on Sunshine! More people have died from lack of sun exposure than too much sun exposure. He talks about how modern humans have been around for around 200k yrs and didn’t wear sunscreen for 99.95% of that time. Benefits of Vitamin D synthesis are also covered. Advice of when to apply sunscreen and when not to apply sunscreen. SUNLIGHT IS GOOD FOR US!!!

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Downtown Toronto Professor, Chiropractor, Sports Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist. I have an immense passion for all things health and fitness! Contact Dr. Jory


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