Osteopathy is a manual medicine comprised of an enormous body of techniques. It is considered to be both art and science. Osteopathic techniques, which involve refined and specific manual therapy based on the anatomical and physiological connections within the body, are applied to each patient in a unique way. They include:

  • Musculoskeletal : working with joints and muscles
  • Fascial : working with connective tissue system
  • Visceral : working with internal organs
  • Cranial : working with bones, membranes and fluid systems within the brain

Using hands-on techniques, osteopathic manual practitioners work on interconnected stresses and strains to help your body correct imbalances. They start with an extensive case history and assessment. As with every type of BNHC treatment, the osteopathic approach works from the intrinsic health and vitality of the patient – because the body is always striving to self-heal and self-regulate.

Your body’s systems do not work in isolation – in addition to being connected to all other systems, they are affected by your environment and mind. Imbalances in one area or structure often create compensations or impaired function in another.

Osteopathy can benefit a variety of patients – any age, and a wide variety of conditions, including pregnancy. Treatment can be aimed at:

  • Preventative care
  • Reduction/elimination of symptoms
  • Support of conventional medical treatment

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