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New Year’s Resolutions? Crank Up Your Core!

12 Core Strengthening Exercises to Improve Posture, Avoid Injury and Look Better!

Core StrengthI have been treating patients inside a gym for the past 5 years.  Over this time I’ve seen many examples of improper technique, exercise philosophies and common mistakes. One that I see over and over again is putting too much focus on ‘getting a six-pack’ and not enough focus on all around core strength.

Although getting a six-pack helps sell gym memberships, fund infomercials or in my case get YouTube views – it isn’t the only component of core strength. The most often overlooked core muscles are in the low back and pelvis.

In the following video I give you 12 Exercises to Increase Overall Core Strength. More focus is placed on back extensions then sit-ups. For every one abdominal crunch you should do one back extension. Do these exercises in a one:one ratio and soon you will develop that elusive six-pack. Hopefully that six-pack isn’t covered by a layer abdominal fat – if it is you need to crank up the cardio and resistance exercises (weights) but we’ll save that for another post! 🙂

For now, focus on incorporating these exercises into your routine and CRANK up your CORE!

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