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Did LIFE on EARTH begin with ALIENS on MARS? Mind Blowing!

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Panspermia – Did LIFE on EARTH begin with ALIENS on MARS? 

Did you know that we now believe that about 4 billion years ago Mars climate likely was very similiar to Earth’s. In fact we now believe that liquid water flowed on Mars. It is possible that life may have existed on Mars. Bacterial – like organisms may have been ejected on a rock after an asteriodal impact sending the seeds of life to Earth! Check out this video for more info…

Video Title: Did LIFE on EARTH begin with ALIENS on MARS? Mind Blowing!

Uploaded time: August 19, 2016 12:02 AM 

Duration: 2:14

Video Description: Did life on Earth begin on Mars? This theory is called Panspermia. 4 billion years ago Mars climate may have been similar to Earth and may have had life forms like bacteria. If a large asteroid hit Mars it may have ejected rocks with bacteria which may have smashed into Earth seeding it! Dr. Jory from Toronto explains it in this episode of Brain Blowing Babble. Mind blowing stuff!

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