Build Muscle!

Are you sick of a boring workout routine? Dr. Jory shows you how to do a killer workout in 30 minutes (not for beginners). This intense full body workout will help you build muscle and shred fat.


Intense Full Body Workout - BUILD MUSCLE!

Workout more efficiently and still get jacked! Try it 2-3x/week and then throw in a couple good intense cardio sessions such as spin classes. Lose fat and gain solid muscle.You must already be regularly lifting weights otherwise you may get injured. Do not attempt any of these exercises unless you know how to perform them with proper technique. Follow these steps:

1. Warm-up for 2 mins on the bike, treadmill, elliptical or mild jog outside. This will get your body warmed up and limber for what is about to come.

2. Spend a few minutes stretching out any tight or problem areas. 30 secs/stretch. Note -- Static Stretching is OK contrary to recent reports.

3. Start with a heavy 'push' exercise like decline, incline, or flat bench press. Do one set reaching failure at 10 reps.

4. Immediately do a heavy 'pull' exercise like seated row, wide grip pulldown, or close grip pulldown. Do one set reaching failure at 10 reps.

5. Repeat 3-4 so you do three sets of each with minimal rest intervals (less then 60 secs).

6. Do some intense full body exercise like squats, deadlifts, kettle bell throws, or walking lunges with dumbbells. These are all fantastic exercises for building muscle and shredding fat. Do this for approximately one minute or 10 reps to failure (three sets total). Rest for 1-2 mins between sets.

7. Attempt the Basso Burpees (1-3 sets of 10 reps). Rest for 2 mins between sets. These consist of a chin-up with ab crunch, a one legged push-up, and a pilates back extension. Alternate which leg is planted with each rep.

8. Finish with all out 20 sec sprints with 2 min rest intervals. This could be stair climbing, outdoor sprints (or on the treadmill), or stationary bike.

9. Hydrate well and eat an awesome meal with clean protein. I recommend a 'big ass salad' with lots of veggies, a few berries, a few nuts, chicken breast, olive oil/balsamic, and avocado.

10. Get some good quality rest so you can repair/build/grow!