Biohacking 101

Biohacking 101 performed by Health/Fitness expert Dr. Jory Basso. Learn How to Change your Physiology for the Better. As the lecture progresses the biohacks increase in complexity.


Playlist Summary

Part 1 –  An introduction to Biohacking. He discusses how breathing properly can reduce anxiety as well as listening to music. He also talks about building muscle and increasing your vertical jump.

Part 2 – Megadosing on omega 3 fatty acids as a natural anti-inflammatory and how to improve your posture.

Part 3 – Continues to discuss posture including negative effects and how to improve it.

Part 4 – Dr. Jory goes on a fat free rant, talks about diabetes and eating more fat and cutting back carbs. He explains how fat keeps your blood sugar down.

Part 5 – Dr. Jory discusses eating lots of bacon! He also talks about getting your blood tested and then retested after hacking your biology.

Part 6 – Vit D synthesis and sunshine, blood platelets and how to increase them naturally, and talks about his cartilage transplant knee surgery.

Part 7 – Dr. Jory goes on a Beef Rant! He talks about how cows should be eating grass not grains and how beneficial bone broth is. Another topic discussed is light pollution and how it effects melatonin and growth hormone production. Sleep in PITCH BLACK!

Part 8 -10 tips to live better. He also discusses how to create more energy through exercise (mitochondrial biogenesis).

Part 9 – Dr. Jory takes a few questions and finishes the biohacking lecture.