• Dr. Jory has made 3 appearances on CTV's Dr. Marla and Friends

  • Dr. Jory made 2 appearances on The Fashion District


 Dr. Jory Appears Frequently as a Health/Fitness Expert on Television

Dr. Jory is a sought after health/fitness expert who has made national television appearances including…

  • CBC’s The National
  • Two episodes of CMT’s The Fashion District
  • Three episodes of CTV’s Dr. Marla and Friends
  • CTV News

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Here is his latest segment being interviewed on CTV News about Kyle Lowry’s surgery:


Here is a feature segment from the Dr. Marla and Friends Show in which Dr. Jory gives tips on how to improve your posture in the workplace:

How to Improve Posture at the Workplace – Dr. Jory TV Appearance on Dr. Marla & Friends…