Increase Core Strength with these 12 Exercises!

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Increase your core strength with exercises you can easily do from home – no equipment necessary.

What is the first thing you think of when someone says ‘core strength’? If you are like most you will think abs/abdominals. Abs are only one component of core strength. In order to really strengthen your core you need to do back and pelvic floor exercises.

Think of your core as a large belt that wraps around your waist and torso. It provides support for the rest of your body and it is a powerhouse for almost all movements. Having a strong core can enhance physical activity. Here are three examples:


  • If you are a runner and you want to increase your stamina and endurance – strengthen your core!
  • If you are a golfer and want to generate more club head speed – strengthen your core!
  • If you want to decrease your chances of suffering a devastating low back injury – strengthen your core!

Ok – now that you know the importance of core strength – here are 12 Core Strength Exercises you can easily do from home:

12 Core Strength Exercises Transcript:

“It’s Dr. J and today I want to talk about core strength. There is a common misconception about core strength. Many people think it’s all about abdominals. Abdominals are a very important component however you need to have a good pelvic and back strength to go along with the abdominals. So today I’ll show you some alternating exercises that help strengthen the abs, pelvic and back muscles. Let’s go!

In this video I have displayed 12 different exercises. As far as incorporating these exercises into your routine to increase your core strength what I recommend is for you to choose two or three of each abdominal and back strengthening exercises and then alternate those 2 to 3 times per week in your workouts. For instance on day one you could do the Supermans followed up with the classic crunch. Then you could do the swimmer. Follow that up with the obliques to the left and to the right and so on. This way you are working the abdominals and the back in a one to one ratio. A key point to keep in mind when you’re doing abdominal exercises is to try and activate the core before you go into the abdominal contraction. To do that just place your hand on your belly button and try and bring your belly button down towards your spine. Once you get the feel for that when you go to do an abdominal exercise try to activate that abdominal core first and then go into your abdominal exercise. As you can see as well I have been progressing the difficulty level as the exercises are going up in number. So as you can see here the finisher is a lot more difficult than the classic crunch.

As well the plank walk is a challenging one. So that way you’ve got many options. Just choose what works best for you. You should increase that core strength. Good luck!” – Dr. Jory Basso

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