Athletic Taping

Personal Trainer Gets Wrist TapedToday a patient of mine, also a trainer at my gym, Andrea asked me to tape her badly bruised wrist. I gladly obliged as in a previous life – prior to becoming a chiropractor – I was a sports therapist. I worked as a team trainer with university level hockey and football teams, men’s rugby and spent many hours treating athletes in sports injury clinics. I’ve always enjoyed athletic taping so today it was refreshing to tape a wrist again. This wrist application makes you look tough! It’s no coincidence that many football players and boxers sport this tape job. Andrea reported that her wrist felt so much better afterwards! The tape will provide compression to help reduce her swelling and also limit her range of motion into the painful arc. Anyone else need a tape job? Bring it on!


Downtown Toronto Professor, Chiropractor, Sports Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist. I have an immense passion for all things health and fitness! Contact Dr. Jory


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